Monday, April 9, 2018

My 15 and the best gift

March 27-April 2, 2018

This week was a very crazy week! So if you don’t know yet I got changed out of Puerto Cabezas and am now back in Chinandega. I have a new companion named Hermana Dominguez from Honduras and she is brand new from the MTC. She’s really great.

Anyway, so my companion and I got to this area and had met some kids that were attending seminary and church and we began to teach them. But one Thursday they said they were going to seminary I had told them to come to the activity after seminary. One kid, Enardo, did come and the other one, Samuel, didn’t come at all. They instead went to go play soccer. SO the next day we had planned with our district leader to do their interviews so as we get to Samuel’s house he comes out with a cast on his arm! He had broken his arm playing soccer! Hahaha it was kind of funny we all laughed about it because I had told him not to go! Anyway the good thing is his cast is white. SO on Wednesday when I hit 15 months both Samuel and Enardo were able to get baptized! It was super special!

And then during General Conference THEY ANNOUNCED MANAGUA NICARAGUA TEMPLE. AND MY HEART DROPPED. I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT. IM SO HAPPY. I’m also so happy to be here in this mission at this time.

One of the best parts of this week was after Samuel and Enardo’s baptism when they asked them if they actually liked coming to church and they go "if I didn’t like to come to church I wouldn’t have gotten baptized. If I wasn’t sure of my decision I wouldn’t have gotten baptized." Makes me so happy to know how the spirit touches so many people. And then in the conference when they announced the temple Enardo was so excited and he goes "that’s the temple I’m getting married in." Enardo is also determined to go on a mission. His family isn’t member, but they are supporting him so in a year or so he can go on a mission. I’m so excited to keep seeing their progress.

I also really love this ward and how much they love us and how much they take care of us. I LOVE THIS COUNTRYYY.