Monday, February 26, 2018

14 Months!

February 20-26, 2018

February 13-19. 2018

February 6-12, 2018

January 30-February 5, 2018

January 16- 22, 2018

Wednesday, January 17

I realized in my last letter that I said real boring and that I’m not explaining very well at all what’s happening here in Puerto Cabezas.

My area is called Lamlaya and I’m about to finish my 3rd change here. These past couple days it has been so cold in the morning and at night. When I say so cold I mean maybe like 60 degrees. I already know when I get home I’m going to die, but I feel like I’ve been in summer for a year so when a cool wind and rain comes I get so cold.

Anyway, here in Puerto life is a little bit different than the rest of the country I decided to take some pics of where I live so you guys can see. The houses here are either made of wood or cement. So when we contact someone and then ask for their address they respond something like, “Road Barzenit, 2nd alley tall wood house unpainted” it would be if I told someone at home my address: behind 7-11, white house two stories with 4 trees in front. Trying to find an address here is so hard, but it’s fun. One time a guy told us his house was “tall wood and blue.” On that street there were maybe 20 houses that fit that description so we contacted every single one of those houses asking for this one brother. We met lots of people, but then at the end ended up finding that guy didn’t even live in a blue house!

In January there were so many pears. Everyone has pear trees and they were good red juicy pears. Everyone always gave us some it was really cool. Then we left for 4 days, we came back and they were ALL gone. The season only lasted like 2 weeks. So sad. Next time.

The branch here is really something. They are still learning, but we’ll get there. Last Sunday after people bore their testimonies we had an intermediate hymn then confirmation and then the closing hymn. Just went with it, good experience.

Here everyone washes their clothes by hand, even me. For the past year I’ve had to wash all my clothes on like a board type thing, but here in Puerto there is no running water. There’s ‘pozos’ of water that people pull up water with buckets. When we’re working we always try and help pull water for anyone that needs it. To shower it’s the same. For any use of water one has to go get it from the hole in the ground.

But the people here are also different. SUPER perceptive to our message. There is a church here that’s only here so many are from that church and it’s so hard with that church around. But there are still lots of people that receive us and are very kind. The members here really help us in the Lord’s work. They visit and are always trying to do things right. One brother always asks where our RC live so he can go visit them. Super pilas. Anyway here the church is like a building they’re renting , but it’s close to my house! Real convenient to eat lunch in between meetings. Here we go to church 9-12 then 1-4 and 4:30-5pm. Different cultos but we usually go to all three and try taking investigators to all three.

Here in Puerto Cabezas I’ve been able to learn a new way of life. So many things we learned and seen I’ll never forget. I only have a short time to serve here so I’m trying to enjoy it.

January 9-15, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018

So, tomorrow will be one whole year since I got on a plane in SLC to Nicaragua. So crazy how fast time flies. 
This past week as a zone we went on a bus to Managua again. Presidente took us to Volcano Masaya, that was a good time.

Here in Puerto Cabezas everything is going good. i just really love where I'm at and at this point I just feel really good. I love helping these people and all the stuff I'm learning.

In Managua we went and we had clean water and fancy food. It was really great.

But I'm good, everything is good.

Love you all!

Hermana Cortez

Tuesday, February 13, 2018