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December 25, 2017-January 1, 2018

December 11, 2017

This week went by crazy fast. It felt like just Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

On Thursday it rained hard all day, but my comp and I had rain boots and umbrellas so we didn’t get that wet.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before brother Jonathan, I think I did. Anyway, my first week here in Puerto we met this family and the first time we met this brother he kept telling us his mom taught him how to pray and he knows the things of God and that he’s already baptized and he talked so much. He never answered our questions, he just talked and talked about all sorts of stuff. Also he has 4 kids, one 12 one 7 one 5 and one 1 years old, who are roudy and always made so much noise and commotion. Our first lesson with them we invited Jonathan to prepare for baptism and marry his wife he’d been living with for 10 years. He said why would I get married with her?! Hahaha. His wife (sister Marisol) did want to but Jonathan didn’t Any, over time we kept visiting and brother Jonathan read the pamphlet we left and started going to church. He started praying and over time you could really start to see the difference in Bro Jonathan. H started reading the Book of Mormon with the Bible and he always went to church by himself if he wasn’t working. When we shared messages in their home the kids began to sit down and not make so much noise. Anyway, after about 2 months one day we decided we were seeing a huge change in Brother Jonathan and that we should invite him to baptism. So we arrived to his house and he told us we should read 3 Nephi 27:13-22 together because one of the pamphlets said to. So I said to him, ‘since you probably don’t have much time we could start with 19’ and he tells me ‘the time doesn’t matter.’ So we read 3 nephi 27:13-22 and we invited Brother Jonathan to baptism and to get married the following week and long story short on December 8 Jonathan and Marisol were married and baptized. Presidente Poncio baptized them and it was a huge miracle. I still can’t believe it. I remember so much the first weeks we met them telling my companion ‘teaching Brother Jonathan is gonna require lots of patience on my part’ and in reality they’re a huge blessing in my life. God really does work in mysterious ways. The light of Christ changes people to be better and now since it’s Christmas time, we need to remember to share it with others. You just never really know who it’s gonna touch. Best feeling ever is being is being able to see the change in not only other people but in myself as well.

This week was also our Christmas activity, same day as baptism. This week was full of lows, but this huge miracle of Brother Jonathan was all worth it.

I love where I am and what I’m doing. This Christmas will be different, but it’ll be one I’ll never forget.

Thank you all for your prayers and love! Have a great week!

November 20-26, 2017

Zone meeting this week was same old same old.

Today we went to an area in my area that is full of miracles. It’s just really far so we find it hard to take investigators to church. But there are lots of people that were ready for church, ready to be baptized but the missionaries never showed up again. Until now that we’re going back there. Full of miracles.

We also went with Jhonorita and Tania and they just got baptized last month. And when we were there they told us what we were going to read, who was to read what verse and after we read they explained to us what we can learn from the scriptures we read. Our converts are teaching us now and it was the sweetest moments. Those moments are some of my favorite from being here. Then after Jhonorita took us to her friend’s house but she asked for my bag and my plaque. And she went with us with my bag and plaque to her friend’s house and she just says, “someday I’ll have my own.” It was just cool to see how loud and proud she is of the decisions she’s making and how she wants to share it with everyone around her.

Today I got bit by every bug possible. Ever since I got to Puerto time has been going so fast. The day just flies, sometimes I feel like I missed the day, but just when we stay busy time goes so fast.

Today was a very long day, but full of lots of miracles. This week as a zone we’ve been setting lots of goals and we’re all super excited and really seeing the miracles happen. Lots of people today accepted our message and into their homes. Crazy amount of people we invited to come to church. Anyway today is Thanksgiving. I remember a year ago I was at my uncle Diego’s house with everyone, just feeling really grateful for the amazing family I had. And today I’m still grateful for my family. But this past year I have changed completely and I’m really grateful for all the people I have met, the place I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had. One year ago I was also able to go through the temple for the first time. I got to experience a small bit of heaven. Now I wish I could go, but soon enough. I just wish I had taken advantage of having so many temples so close wish I had gone more, cause there is none here in Nicaragua and so many people wish so bad they had it closer. Anyway soon enough I’ll go again.
Today we put lights on our Christmas tree. So good. Christmas is coming! Flex!

Super crazy week! The only thing I remember is an experience I had yesterday. Yesterday morning we we’re proselyting when we go to a man’s house to see if he was home and he wasn’t. So we start walking to the next appointment. We were passing a purple house and something told me to contact it. But in my mind I kept coming up with reasons why not to contact it. I thought oh the elders (we share the area) already contacted here, oh they’re not home, then something kept telling me to contact it and then FINALLY I told my companion ‘let’s see who lives here.’ Anyway, we found a sister pregnant and her son and we start talking to her and we start teaching and by the end her and her son accepted a baptismal date. Sweetest lady. And just 20 minutes before leaving the house we had prayed and asked to find someone ready for the gospel and someone that would accept a baptismal date. He hears our prayers and we need to hear his answers.
So many miracles that happen every day here. This past week I have been 2 months in Puerto. And Puerto has changed so many things about the missionary I am. I’m learning lots and really enjoying the work, working hard and seeing the results of hard work.
Today I got excited and really happy when I saw a brother that received the Melquisedec priesthood in a white shirt and tie. A year ago it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.

I really do love these people. Love where I am and love what I’m doing.

Monday, February 12, 2018

November 13-19, 2017

Today we had a district meeting and when I first got to the mission, especially in the MTC I hated doing practices. But I’ve now realized how important and powerful the spirit is during practices. The other missionaries may not know the investigator we are role-playing, but they always have the perfect scripture or words to say that help that investigator. Revelation is a real thing and the spirit works through the people or ways we least expect.
We also had a cool lesson with a family where the father of the family, named Jonathan, at first was really tough and prideful. But today he helped us teach his wife about the Book of Mormon and what it was because he had actually read the introduction. Anyway it is just really cool to see the change we see in Jonathan. He goes to church by himself without us having to pick him up, he reads all we leave and the best part is how he prays in lessons. Seeing how God truly touches the heart of people at their time.

Yesterday we had divisions, I went to another area called Bilwi and my comp stayed here in Lamlaya. So in the other area we contacted a house and they only spoke Miskito and English! Since our miskito is at a 3% the option was English. We offered a prayer in this brother’s house he said in English. So I had to do it. That prayer was 100% guided by the Spirit because all my thoughts were in Spanish and I could literally not pray in English. I struggled so hard. Well I left that house so sad and confused, literally couldn’t speak English, so sad. But that’s what happens when its Spanish 24/7, even in my thoughts. The area I was working in yesterday is close to the beach. From my chair during a lesson I could see the ocean and all the boats that were out there, so beautiful.

And today was another good day here back in my area. About a month ago on a Monday, I bought an umbrella for all the rain. So Tuesday morning I took it with me to zone meeting. And on the way home I left it in the taxi. So I bought that umbrella for nothing. So the next week I got another one. And every time I leave the house with it, it never rains! Only when I leave it home does it rain. Hahaha Someday my umbrella will feel the rain. Also had ice cream for breakfast.

Today was kind of weird. Tonight was our turn on the radio, I’m not sure if you guys were listening but I sent shout outs to you. I don’t remember much from today, hopefully this weekend we can keep seeing more miracles.

Today was a very hot, long tiring day. We have a sister that has been preparing for her baptism. And she’s ready and excited for her big day. She lives with her 3 daughters, two of them are pregnant and the smallest one is about 2-years-old and her husband. But they live with her mother in her mother’s house. Here in Puerto Cabezas there’s a religion that’s only here, I think. This sister’s (Vanessa) mother said if she gets baptized that she would kick her out. If she got baptized she could leave. And she tried to convince her but it’s so sad, because she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, but she so badly wants to take this step in her life. We’re doing what we can to help her so we’ll see what happens. She’s really the sweetest lady. Love her.

We made ourselves a Christmas tree this morning. It’s actually so cute.

Had pizza for dinner. Tomorrow is Sunday and the day we have the most work. Sunday Funday.

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November 13, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Zone Record Trip

Monday, November 6, 2017

Quick note to send a few photos from their trip to Managua. She did say that the way there took 24-hours and the way back 32.